Savage Oakes Vineyard & Winery
sleeping piglets Rhode Island Red Chicken / picture courtsy of Jan Downs
In July of 2004 our son, Caleb caught his first pig at a local fair's pig scramble and that was the begining of our pig raising. Now we grow naturally raised pork for our tasting room.
Our sons raise Barred Rock, Rhode Island Reds and other rare breed chickens. They gather the eggs every day from the cage-free pens and sell to local customers from a cooler, based on the honor system.
Belted Galloways at Savage Oakes / picture courtsy of Jan Downs Quincy in the vineyard

We own Belted Galloway beef cattle which are a Scottish breed with very lean, flavorful meat. Our beef are primarily grass fed but because they are so lean we do finish them with grain to give them some marbling. These are very happy cows who adapt to our cold Maine winters quite well. You might hear some people refer to them as Oreo cows.
Quincy is our Black Lab that we adopted from the local animal shelter. He is full of life and LOVES to fetch! If you throw a stick for him just once he will be your friend for life, and bug you to throw the stick again, and again, and again... He is another Lab who thinks humans were put on earth to play with him.
Jeri waiting to greet guest
Thom, Jeri and Spotti are our Farm Cats, they do a great job of keeping mice out. Thom likes to watch visitors to the farm from her second story window above the winery. Jeri is a little bit more hands-on. She will welcome visitors by greeting them on the porch, or along the path to the vineyard. Spotti keeps a low profile, she's too busy hunting mice.