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Maine Open Winery Day!

Join us...

Saturday, September 21st - 11am to 5pm

Join us for a day of talks and demonstrations.
See what is involved in growing grapes in Maine and making wine from cold hardy, hybrid varieties not well known to most people.
We will be wine tasting all day and you can roam the grounds.
Don't worry if you miss a demonstration, the winemaker will be around all day to answer questions.


Vineyard Tour and Talk 11a.m.
Learn about Maine viticulture including grape varietals and the equipment used in maintaining the vineyard.
Taste the Grapes, Taste the Wine 12p.m.
Try the grapes before they are transformed into wine. Does the wine have the same flavors?
Pressing Demonstration 1p.m.
"Lucy keep your shoes on!" We'll be pressing our Blueberry Pi wine. See what is involved and maybe try some very young wine.
Taste the Grape, Taste the Wine 3p.m.
Did you miss the opportunity at noon. We'll do it again. See how different or similar the raw grape tastes from the finished product.