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A Maine Experience


Maine has a well deserved reputation for producing high quality products and friendly, helpful people. This attitude is well represented in the farming community. Our farm winery offers a unique look at the "ins and outs" of Maine farming. We incorporate the modern tools of today with the proven time tested traditions of the past.
Our 30 - 45 minute guided tour includes a walk out to our vineyard, consisting of 10 different hybrid, cold tolerant grape varieties located on a hillside where Belted Galloway cattle used to graze. Along the way we'll stop at our 15 acre wild blueberry field. This field has been producing wild blueberries for hundreds of years because wild blueberries aren't planted, you either have them or you don't. Maine is the nation's top producer of wild blueberries. If you're lucky, maybe you can find a few around the edge of the field to try. On our way back to the tasting room, keep a look out for our Belted Galloway Cattle grazing in the fields or relaxing under the trees. Some refer to the breed as "Oreo Cookie" cows. Once you see them, you'll know why. Back at the tasting room we'll take a tour of the winery. This is where you will see our processing area, with wine in different stages of maturity. And finally, we will end the tour with a tasting.

* Tours are available May through Columbus Day Weekend *

Vineyard Tour

Daily at 1pm

  • * Tour as described above
  • * Mini-Flight
  • * $10 per person
  • * Please call ahead to reserve your spot.

VIP Tour

Daily at 1pm

  • * Tour as described above with the
  • * Mini-Flight
  • * Souvenir glass
  • * Artisan cheese board
  • * $23 per person
  • * Please call ahead to reserve your spot.

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Daily at 1pm


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Bus Tours

  • * Ample room to park and turn around
  • * Director and driver are complementary
  • * Contact Us for more information on group tours