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At Savage Oakes Vineyard and Winery we currently grow ten varieties of cold hardy hybrid wine grapes. We planted the first block of four varieties on two acres in 2002. During the next three seasons we expanded to almost four acres with approximately 1800 vines.

The site on which the vineyard is located provides an ideal location for grape production. The south-facing sloping hillside catches long hours of sunshine essential for ripening, while the ever-present breezes maintain the airflow needed for vine health and frost protection.


marechal foch grapes Savage Oakes Leon Millot grapes
Marechal Foch
A very early ripening black grape
with small berries that produce
a fruity light red table wine.
The vines are hardy and medium
in vigor and production.
Leon Millot
An early ripening black grape.
The wine has a distinct berry
aroma. Sister variety of Marechal
Foch but earlier and more productive.
frontenac grapes st croix
Extremely winter hardy red grape that
produces a full bodied wine of high
quality. From the University of
Minnesota Breeding Program.
St. Croix
Medium to large red fruit which
tends to produce a light bodied
red wine. Hardy to minus 40 degrees.
Becoming popular with northern
corot noir grapes marquette
Corot Noir
Product of the Geneva Breeding Program.
Vigorous and moderately resistant to
powdery mildew. The red wine has full
body with black pepper character and
moderate tannin content.

A new red wine variety from the
University of Minnesota with high
levels of cold hardiness and disease
resistance with excellent wine quality.
Wines have an attractive deep red color,
desirable aromas of cherry, black pepper,
spice, and berry, with substantial tannin
structure rarely found in hybrid wines.


Savage Oakes cayuga grapes St Pepin grapes
One of the most productive and disease
resistant varieties grown in New York.
This versatile grape can be made into
a semisweet wine emphasizing the fruity
aromas, or, using oak aging, into a dry,
less fruity wine. Its excellent cultural
characteristics and high wine quality
promise an important future for this variety.
St. Pepin
Medium size, oval white berries with a
fruity flavor. Wine produced is similar to
Reisling in character. Also an excellent
table grape. Must be planted next to other
grape varieties because it requires cross pollination.
LaCrosse grapes frontenac gris grapes
Medium, yellow-green berries grow to form medium-small, tight clusters. Descriptions
of aromatics in ‘LaCrosse’ wines range from pear, apricot and slightly Muscat to citrus and floral. Lends itself well to a dry white fermented in oak.
Frontenac Gris
Small red-gray berries are born on medium sized, loose clusters. Suitable for high quality table and dessert wines, possibly ice-wine as well.
Ripens mid season with aromas that include peach, apricot, citrus, and pineapple.


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